My Cloud is having trouble connecting to the server

Same here.

same here unable to access mycloud

I am also facing the same issue, not able to login to my account, Please it i have more data which is important in it.

The same problem here, i hope they can quickly fix this

Same problem, cannot login. Worst timing!!

WD Community,

The following topic addresses this current issue:

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Same problem when will it be fixed?

Have the same problem!

we have the same issue; i chatted with WD support and they were useless. basically said “we are aware and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible” but couldn’t tell me what the problem is.

I hope they can fix it fast as possible :slightly_frowning_face:

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not much good if unable to access files on the drive if the WD server is down surley WD have a backup server to log in how bacward is that

This is b******t. Why should connecting to a network drive 5 feet away from me be reliant on a server halfway around the world going down? FIX IT. This really has convinced me to find another NAS solution. WD sux

I too am having the same problem connecting.

This doesn’t address anything. All it does is alert users that WD can’t fix diddly squat

we should all pack up our WD drives send them back asking for our money back as WD Support isn’t fit for purpose

I’m having the same problem but not able to log into the mobile app either.

I’ve been having connection issues for 3 hours now. Please work on a fix soon. I use this for work!

I have the same problems. Unable to access mycloud. Still having info: “My Cloud is having trouble connecting to the server. Check your internet connection and try again”.

April 20th 2021 Now unable to connect with my WD drive. Check my internet connection? My computer is connected to the internet? tried rebooting everything?
Great WD thanks

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What a nonsense i cant reach the disk next to me, why do we have use internet to use it. There should be a way to reach it when in same network while we have that kind of problems.

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