My Cloud IPhone App / offsite access only works 50% of the time, "Drive Offline"

The IPhone app only works half the time. It tries to access my device and states “Drive offline, not accessible” when it is indeed online. If I wait and try it later in the day it works. Called the WD hotline and they said it’s due to my cell phone carrier AT&T and their proxy servers not finding these any of these four WD servers

They told me to call AT&T and complain to get it fixed. So I did, but AT&T doesn’t care about 3rd party apps so I got nowhere.

I filed a report with WD

This is the help line case number from WD 13440917

But didn’t get anywhere

I’m reluctant to purchase a new WD media server if it needs to access the same AT&T proxy servers. I’d get the same problem.

I’m now looking at Synology or Buffalo Terastation solutions

Anyone else have this problem

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