My cloud IOS app

I’ve just snapped up 3TB WD MyCloud and set it all up. I’m now able to stream movies directly to my smart tv which was the main reason on purchasing the hardware. I also install the Mycloud app on my IP5. I have added MKV video files on my WD which plays fine on my smart tv but am I able to play these files also on my IOS using MyCloud ? I see the files but when I click on the file to d/l or stream not sure which one it’s meant to do I think d/l I just get a picture of a dude scratching his head with 3 question marks around him. The files also have a question mark on. 

Any ideas what’s wrong ?

By the way I can stream and play the files on my IP5 using another app call PlayerExtreme but this would only be over LAN and not the internet.

SONY007 wrote:

Any ideas what’s wrong ?

Apple doesn’t support MKV.

Since the My Cloud app uses Apple’s built-in video player, the videos must be Apple compatible in order to “Stream” them natively.

Otherwise, you’ll need to download the video using the app, then “Open With…” into an app that supports MKV.

Thanks for that Tony. Is they any reason why I would not be able to still d/l the file over the internet to play on a alternative app whilst I’m out away from the LAN?


Nope… It should work just fine remotely, too.