My Cloud iOS App - Pcutures in HEIC and HEIF format: nott possible to open/ view

Hi there,
I am using the My Cloud EX2 Ultra. I am doing automatic backups of my iPhone camera roll via My Cloud mobile App. Most of the recent pictures seem to be in the HEIC format. I can open those picture on my Windows 10 PC. However, I cannot open them in the My Cloud app on my iPhone (please see screenshot). JPG pictures are working.

I know that this format was introduced by Apple in IOS 11 and I can switch back to JPG as file format for pictures. Nevertheless, I would love to see all my pictures taken in HEIC format, as well.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue? In My Cloud Home App it seems to work:

Best regards

You will need to save pictures in jpg. Follow these Apple directions carefully.

Hi Mike,
That is clear. However, how do I handle already existing pictures in HEIF format?

When I set up my newer iPhone and iPad to save as jpg as described in support doc of Apple, at first I tested a few and all was OK when I backed them up to my WD NAS using the My Cloud app. So I had had no issues,

You can either upload the same photos into a new folder using the new settings, or you can search for a conversion program. I have heard of some but never looked for them since I did not need one… Good luck and be careful setting the iOS devices