My Cloud iOS App for My Cloud Home Crashing

I have been experiencing consistent crashing of my My Cloud app on my iPhone 13

Starting the app is fine.
Navigating to a folder is fine
Viewing thumbnails of photos is fine
When I select a photo, I receive a spinning wheel then eventually (in less than 30 seconds) the app crashes and closes.

This happens in my iPhone and iPad Air
My fiancé has an iPhone 7 and an iPad Air and is experiencing the same issues.

We have bothered deleted and reinstalled the app “twice” on all 4 devices.

The user experience for WD is just getting worse and worse.

…on top of that; the lack of support for (TIF) files is making me want to consider another product.

Hi @PDub,

Please check the article Alternate 3rd Party Apps and Programs:

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

NONE of those 3rd party options addresses the file type I raised the issue about; which is a graphic file type (tif) for photography