My Cloud interaction with router

I have been going through a learning process trying to get my personal cloud to work as I wished.  The cloud kept disappearing and I could not attach a powered hub.  I have come to accept that I cannot use a hub.  The cloud was apparently working fine so I began loading it with data.  Yesterday we had a thunder storm while we out and when I got home I discovered we had no network; therefore, no Internet.  A circuit breaker had tripped so the router had no power.  I reset the circuit breaker and all seemed well.  Not so - the router had reassigned IP addresses.  Now the shortcut I had for the Cloud dashboard no longer works and I cannot figure out how to correct it.  The My Cloud app on the computer goes to the old address which is now incorrect.  The network is happy but I cannot get at the Cloud other than through File Explorer.

  1.  How can I correct the addresses for dashboard and My Cloud?

  2.  If I use the dashboard to go to a static IP address, how do I correlate it with the router?  Do I do one and gthen  the other or will one find the other?

  3.  What other questions should I be concerned with?


There are a few ways to address this issue.  The easiest way to fix the shortcuts on your desk top is to delete them and run the My Cloud setup software again. 

Alternatively, a static address will work, but I would strongly suggest that you look and see if your router supports DHCP reservations.