My Cloud Installation issues

I installed a new WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra two days ago. The device was recognized by all computers on my network. However, there are issues:

  1. I can’t access the drive from File Explorer on any of my PCs. (They are all running Windows 10.) Someone here suggested Total Commander. That tool can’t see the drive at all.

  2. My Cloud doesn’t recognize any of the 11 USB drives I have connected to my primary PC. Therefore I can’t create a backup job.

  3. Upload does work, but only at the individual file level. It doesn’t create folders and sub-folders, so it is pretty useless for backup purposes.

When I installed the drive I uploaded the latest firmware release. One other post suggested that the problem began with that release. However, I was unable to access the device from File Explorer before I updated to the latest firmware version, so it would appear that some aspects of these issues pre-date that release.

I submitted a help request to WD yesterday, but haven’t heard back from them.

Hi NMadson,

Please check your private message.