My Cloud icon is Blank

I am using windows 10 and have just performed a clean install of windows. Prior to this the icon was showing in ‘network’ but now is blank and cannot use it over network i.e, upload files to it. Can someone recommend a fix for this issue. I can see it fine on my MacBook Air but cannot upload through my Windows Laptop.

Since you indicated you did a “clean install” of Windows 10, make sure to update Windows 10 with all the latest Microsoft updates. Microsoft introduced a bug last November that caused problems viewing NAS drives like the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer. Microsoft fixed this issue with their March update. See the following link for more information and workarounds when using Windows 10.

Quick&dirty fix, may help.


Thanks. Will do Bennor. Checking win updates was the first thing I did but it shows fully updated, however, I am not convinced. Do you know the update number or name that fixed the bug?

See the link I posted above which lists the March update. In particular the following post from that thread. That explains which update fixed the issue Microsoft previously introduced.