My cloud home

I upgraded from a 4TB My cloud drive to an 8TB my cloud home. With the my cloud drive I was able to see it on all my smart TVs. I’ve moved everything over to the new drive but I can not see it on any smart tv in the house. All the TVs and drive are on the same network. Why is not broadcasting like my old drive? Need help.

The My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud. It is not the same as the My Cloud. It has different features and options. See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist.

Edit to add: A better “upgrade” may be/have been to replace the 4TB drive within the My Cloud with a larger hard drive like an 8 TB one. There are a number of past unbricking discussions that detail how to replace the My Cloud hard drive with a larger (or smaller) drive.