My Cloud Home very slow moving and deleting files from folders with lot of files

I have been struggling a lot with moving files from folders with lot of files on the My Cloud “Home” device through the WD Discovery app for Windows for years now with no solution in sight. I have called and emailed customer support multiple times and posted in forums but still no solution. I have checked network connections and everything one can imagine. I have wired gigabit ehternet connections to both the My Cloud Home device and the computer through a gigabit router, and other network drives on the same network work fine. To make things worse, recently I found out that the same problem occurs when deleting some files from folders containing lot of other files through the WD Discovery program for Windows. Same files delete instantly when contained in a folder with no other files. It is the same problem as with moving. Due to a firmware or WD Discovery software update, now the problem does not occur when copying files (ctrl+c , ctrl+v). The issue comes up only when moving(ctrl+x , ctrl+v), deleting and viewing properties of files contained in folders that have lot of files through the WD Discovery app for Windows. Because moving was impossible, I tried copying files to another drive and deleting them from the MCH device afterwards to free up space, but I still ran in to the same problem when deleting. The iphone backup folder also now contains lot of files and I want to move some of them to other drives and make up space, but with this problem I cannot do that. When a folder has lot of files (around 10,000) moving and deleting files from that folder is unimaginably slow. What really happens is it sits without doing anything for so long before starting to process each file. So, in fact it is not an issue with network transfer speed after all, because most of the time it is sitting idle and when a file finally starts moving the transfer rate is super-fast gigabit. And I have tried this on different computer and routers and ISPs. I have done many remote access sessions and demonstrated the issue with many technicians, but none of them seems to be willing to tell me why this strange behavior is happening or whether the issue has been duplicated on other My Cloud Home devices by the engineering team. I also have a Dropbox shared video that can be downloaded through the link: Dropbox - supem-03-11-2020-20-10-46.avi - Simplify your life.
Please help me in solving this issue and if possible please tell me if the same issue can be duplicated with your My Cloud “Home” devices. This is a “My Cloud Home” device and is not a simple “My Cloud” device.

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The answer is simple. Don’t store too many small files on the KDDFS that the WD Discovery program mounts and don’t use Windows Explorer to delete or move a lot of small files on the KDDFS. The fastest way to store hundreds or thousands of small files is illustrated here:

Thank you for the information. So yesterday I moved 8,869 files(5.04 MB) from MCH private user space to my local SSD and it took about 10 hours. All other network drives on the same LAN and even Dropbox with servers being thousands of miles away work fine without any issues that I don’t even have to think about it. Can the MCH private user space be that slow when it comes to moving folders with lot of files? Or can there be some other issue with the device or Windows configuration that causes this problem? The iPhone auto backup folder also now has more than 12,000 files. I will have to keep breaking it into small folders so that it will not become too big to handle. This is not a 1.44MB floppy disk but an 8TB drive and most of the time I have to deal with folders with lot of files. Nevertheless I found out that the iOS files app does allow you to mount MCH private space and other network drives at the same time. The only problem is it does not allow you to move files between drives. But it can copy and delete between drives! :slight_smile: Is there any way of moving files out of My Cloud Home to another drive other than through the WD Discovery software? Also I want to know whether the same issues come up when using WD DIscovery for Mac? I’m planning to move out all other files from My Cloud Home to other drives and use MCH only for mobile backups.