My Cloud Home Update Broke Plex Access

Thanks for the info Mike. I think I’ll wait a bit to see if they fix it for my current login, though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to remap everything due to an update or some change to the drive software/firmware. Disappointing product from a solid drive manufacturer.

I have the same problem, PLEX stop working suddenly and couldn’t find PLEX APP ICON in “DO MORE APP” page ?! this is totally strange,… if it is a BUG please fix it now, if you removed PLEX please return it back.
For me, the product is useless without it.

Dear Armano,

Normally, this happens when the user you log in with is not the Device Owner, though you may have thought you logged in with the Device Owner account.

If this is not the case, and you are indeed logged in with the Device Owner account, please open a case with our support team so your issue can be further investigated:

I logged on with Device Owner, this is either a bug or you did something wrong on latest update.
I already opened a case but I see that its not for me only, several WD users have the same problem.

How did you add New User and Enable Plex on it ?!

I received an email from support asking me to restart the device and try to enable the Plex server again. No change, it still isn’t under Do More. For the record, this is the same login I have used to manage the Plex server plugin since we got the drive a few years ago.

I use a few email addresses and use them all as different logging on my My Cloud Home to access different files in different compartments and allowing certain other people to login and access certain files.

I had to therefore cut and paste all the media saved on one of my shared logins and move it into my own personal one (the one which I used to register and setup the device with).

Thereafter I was able to activate Plex in the “Do More” from my main username, however, I now need to spend an eternity re-linking and organising my Plex media again.

Correct, this default troubleshoot does not resolve the issue

The option is available under my wife’s login, so I can move and remap. However, as others have mentioned, this is a time consuming endeavor to fix something that should not have been broken. I do not understand why it is so hard to restore functionality from before the update.

Also, who is testing these updates? They should be fully tested to ensure they don’t cause problems like this before the update is pushed to devices. Standard practice. This is not the first time my Plex server has been taken out by an update. A company like WD needs to do better.


Any one tried soft reset My Cloud device by pressing the soft reset button in the backside of the box itself ?
I read somewhere that soft reset doesn’t delete the data (I’m not sure yet), but it reset the device parameters, may be this fix our problem.

Still didn’t try this, but if someone did please share the result with us, does it solve the problem or not.

Thanks Mikey :+1:
I opened case with support, If they didn’t solve my problem I will try to do as you said, but it seems will take a lot of my time.
@WDStaff , kindly communicate this thread to support team !


Same problem here; so far support has been a) glacially slow, and b) not helpful.


Nothing else there…

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Has happened to me too. Enabling for hours…

I got another reply from support. Same line, only available under an owner account. Except it was available under a non owner account for years, hence why all my media was uploaded under that account. Explained that to support, I’ll see what they have to say to that. I will probably end up starting the long process of moving about 2 TB of data to the owner account and reconfiguring Plex. Very disappointing.

I finally got support to understand that the Plex media server used to be available to non-owner accounts. Their response ended in “sorry for the inconvenience.” So I will have to move all my data. Real nice, jerks.

It’s been a week since I sent my device logs in to support, and I’m still waiting to hear anything from “Engineering”…

I’m curious to see what their response is. I don’t know what they’re looking for in the logs, but they’ve requested my logs as well. What would be logged that’s relevant to this thread? If they find something useful in your logs, maybe I’ll send them mine. For now, I’m hesitant to send them anything given how they’ve handled this and the fact that I don’t know what they’re looking for.

I appear to have lost my library linking. My files are still their. The server opens but my library wont link to it . Disabling and enabling the do more section doesn’t seem to let me reconfigure anything… Any ideas ? Happened after latest update

Still no response from “Engineering”. This is getting ridiculous…