My Cloud Home Sync

I recently purchased a WD My Cloud Home external drive (model: WDBVXC0020HWT-NESN) and I have the My Cloud Desktop v and WD Discovery v 3.2.256 running on my Windows 10 desktop. I have a folder on that desktop that I sync to my external My Cloud Home drive. Is there a way for me to see that Sync folder on a remote Windows 10 laptop without installing the WD My Cloud desktop/discovery application or using the account that I have setup?

Ultimately what I am trying to achieve is to have my Windows 10 desktop files, personal files backed up to the My Cloud Home external drive, but also having those files accessible on other computers. Basically I would want my files to be accessible like the files in the public folder on the My Cloud drive. I understand that I am treating the Sync as a backup and that this isn’t a true backup. If I could have my files just stored on the My Cloud Home drive that would be easier, but then they wouldn’t be stored in two different locations.


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Bom Dia

Achei um maneira de fazer o sync no my cloud home.
primeiro você cria uma pasta e coloca todos arquivos que queira sincronizar entre os computadores, depois faça ela ficar off line no pc 1 e no pc 2, assim tudo que vc salvar nesta pasta off line sera salvo em ambos os computares. assim que faço no meu pc da empresa e do de casa.