My Cloud home sync with NAS


i´m trying to sync My Cloud Home with my NAS and can´t really understand if it´s possible and how to do it.

can any one help with that?

Welcome to the community @brunonerisoares!

When you say that you are trying to sync your My Cloud Home with your NAS, what NAS are you referring to?


i´m reffering to a QNAP.
i can sync my qnap with my onedrive or dropbox, but when trying to configure my wd, i cant do it.

apparently My Cloud Home cant communicate with other devices.

I don’t have the My Cloud Home but the manual references being able to connect to Dropbox and Google Drive. That said, it is worth noting that this device is designed for an end user who does not want a complex device that would usually have the kind of functionality one would configure to communicate between devices without plug and play software. If you’re looking for something that may more easily connect with your QNAP, you might want to look into the EX2 Ultra or similar device that supports SMB, FTP, etc. These devices do support with ease NAS to NAS syncing but specifically between a similar model product made by WD.

Unfortunately I don’t see a way to connect these two devices but there are other devices you might want to consider that would get you closer to this goal.


my purpose with the qnap, is to backup My Cloud Drive! but, like i thought i cant do it.

thanks for your help!

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