My cloud home shown Devise is offline

Dear sirs,

I have same issue. I cannot access My Cloud Home start on 19 Jan 2022 because it shown My Devise is offline but I already connect to the router. I appreciate your help to fix the problems ASAP. Thank you.


There was a problem, but WD was supposed to have it fixed. Check the Status.

This is truly awkward, the status says the service is degraded / down (since more than 24 hours - that’s an ETERNITY) but the service works again for me.

If it still showed that today when you checked did you try a refresh of the page?


Yes sure I had refreshed the page. The status has been updated since and shows green now. Have to say my trust in this solution suffered a major - probably fatal - blow since I had only had the NAS for four days when this happened, and based on this page this seems to be a common issue.

I have the same problem. Status says the service is up but I can’t access my drive. I don’t understand why I need a connection to the WD server when the drive is on my internet.