My Cloud Home Service Outage - 02-Apri-2023

Thanks. So the only think we can do is wait.

someone mention you can use linux and the filesystem use on the drive is apparently ext4

The third day since the outage happened! Will we still have any hope to reach my own files in the driver? Why this outage has been lasting such a long time, tons of lost in money indeed. does this company still exist?

It looks there is a past on this current issue;

I’ve just quick searched and found a few options in order to gain access your data with your own effort.
But, while you are attempting doing such thing, you’d better know what you are doing or get some help.

The file systems on those systems called EXT2, EXT3, etc. So, it is not something you can have direct access to that disk using your windows PC but with the help of some third party software.


Good luck!

So what’s your advice on a product thats safer?

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Change the firmware in wd and get full access without the participation of their servers Install Debian on WD My Cloud home - #554 by nroberto13

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one - though glad is not the right word. I bought a MCH because it was simple, easy, and allowed me access to files via the cloud/internet - wherever I was. Files at home, access anywhere via app.
It worked, I bought it, plugged it into my Virgin Media router, downloaded an app or two, setup Plex. Moved all my media to the “My Shared…” folders, streamed to TV, mobile, laptop etc… anywhere I had internet. I travel a lot, my critical data, (not personal) was available wherever I had internet. It also just worked doing backups… No fiddling, if I remembered to log in to WD Explorer, it was all there.
I have a computer science degree… I’m not stupid. I know what an IP address is, LAN/WAN But, get into DNS, subnets, routing, port forwarding? All that jargon that you get when you type ipconfig? Let’s just say that when I did my degree, TCP/IP was a concept, as was the internet. We used Novell. I’m not alone….
What really fxxking annoyed me, was the initial IT Crowd response quoting Tailwind/Tailend/Tailscale shite, and then being told I should understand networking because I had bought a MCH. If I meet that person, I’m likely to let them know why people like me bully nerds in no uncertain terms.
Western Digital also seem to assume we are all IT savvy. They are happy to market/sell a simple plug and play device, then bombard us with pages of jargon. How would a 80-85 year old understand? We are all getting older.
More importantly- how do we know stuff is changing. What gives a company the moral, (not legal) right to obsolescence. When a product works one day, and not the next? Apple and Microsoft do it, how many new iPads, versions of Windows have we bought because they stopped working.
I have kit from the 70’s, video games, electronics, computers… it’s never been online, it works like it did the day I bought it. But, anything connected is constantly updated, it’s just an excuse for poor testing and forced upgrades. My first computer, a 1982 Sinclair ZX Spectrum has never had a fix/patch. It works, along with the games, on cassette - never patched…
I wonder what compensation will be offered to those whose lives/careers have been damaged. No doubt there is a disclaimer, how does that help someone in crisis?
SORT IT OUT WESTERN DIGITAL. At least, you should offer MCH owners a free upgraded replacement that will not be obsolete in June, (not discounted - I for one, will never spend another penny on anything to do with WD)
The messages from WD almost read as sorry for the outage, apologies for the inconvenience. We were going to remove support in June anyway, so “we told you so, it’s your own fault for not sorting it out”


Well said. For a short time I was acomputer journo in the 80s. Tried to keep up but have gradually lost knowledge and understanding as things have moved on. Now reading WDs instructions on what do do I am lost. Even something simple like ‘a local network’ leaves me scratching my head after Microsoft removed home networks. Do I have one or not? Old age is no place for wimps.

I think they’ve been hacked. Communication has been really poor. I thought WD were a decent company but having doubts now.

Confirmed. Western Digital says hackers stole data in 'network security' breach | TechCrunch

I just wanted to know if we will have access to the files when they solve this problem?

Because we are talking, I don’t think I speak only for myself but for many more people, it is a saved life that “disappeared overnight”.

I can’t just assume that I lost everything and start from 0, currently I have projects behind schedule, clients calling, and I am unable to respond.

He only asked for a situation, something that would “reassure” us. Obviously it’s not a positive situation, but let’s hope everything works out for the best.

Personal note: I don’t remember if I activated Local access (I don’t remember, I’ve had Cloud Home for a few years) and as I’m no expert, I prefer not to try ways to get the files and end up corrupting and damaging everything. I’ll just wait…


I don’t think you lost any data but access to it. Until either WD up and running their services again
or you act on that and recover your data yourself.

For now, their service are still looking down.


If I am granted access, the first thing I will do is move everything to my old school’s external hard drive and never use this again.

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Is there a product I can buy instead of doing this I have little to no experience with this type of stuff just want something simple being that I only use this for family photos/videos… I’m looking at this product SSK (4TB Personal Cloud Network )

Has anyone tried to disassemble the hard disk contained in MyCloud Home to connect it directly to the PC with a SATA interface or with a SATA-USB adapter?
Thank you

Lo he probado y no funciona

Just my 2 cents:

I had recently purchased the My Cloud Home Duo and used it for 5 days till March, 23rd then the well-known firmware problem occurred and couldn’t use it on the next days till now. Now they say that the WD has been hacked on March, 26th. I don’t believe that as there is a serious problem with this device and the WD’s SW for accessing the cloud and other features.

Anyway, after having the firmware update problem, I did my research and found that there are other methods of using this device by changing the kernel+Debian OS and OpenMediaVault as the storage SW. I installed the Russian user’s solution and the device is working as intended to be as a NAS server.

In short, the security breach may not be the real story. WD was planning to remove the usage of WD discovery from the users and now the news on WD services hacked are all around the channels. Not a conspiracy theorist but something fishy is going on and still no response from the WD official side.

I am happy with my decision and will use the device without touching the new installation as a side storage, but I will never go for the WD products for another storage needs. And I am sorry for those who cannot reach their data and still kept as disrespected customers by WD.

P.S. By the way, I am still fighting with the Support as they rejected to accept any warranty for this newly purchased product by saying that my registration date (with a proof of purchase bill from a reputable computer shop) was way beyond of manufacturing date and thus the warranty for this device already expired. How can a customer know that a product warranty is expired when purchasing the good from a shelf? There is no expiration date on these boxes :joy:

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Buenos días.
Necesito urgente que pueda acceder a mis archivos del My Cloud Home.
Soy Perito Judicial Informático y tengo en mi My Cloud Home documentación Judicial que debo de utilizar.
Por tanto, este sistema de no poder acceder WD puede considerarse un secuestro de información critica y privada. De momento esta inpedimiento y esta provocabdo de no poder resolver un caso Judicial en el que estoy inmerso. Considerandose tal hecho un perjuicio muy grave.
Los daños irreparables que implique esta anomalía, de la que pudiera implicar una perdida de información critica, es interferir el buen funcionamiento y de el de apropiación indebida de documentación crítica ajena, por lo tanto me reservo el derecho interponer cuantas acciones judiciales sean necesarias en el Fuero de los Tribunales de Justicia que correspondant del Gobierno de España que dependen de la Jurisdicción de lo Tribunalles Judiciales de Bruselas de la Unió Europea. Siendo dicha reclamación mediante denuncia Judicial. Reiterandoles que es por apropiación indebida de documentación encriptandola si mi consentimiento expreso, que del uso o bloqueado del acceso a datos criticos mediante inpedidiendo por el control de WD del acceso a un dispositivo de propiedad ajena, es un delito penal.
Los dipositivos no son propiedad de WD sino del quien ha adquirido el dispositivo, el blindar o monipolizar los accesos esto es un delito, en este caso penal tal como he advertido, pudiendose considerar un secuestro en toda regla de datos sin consentimiento expreso de los propietarios de los mismos.
La adquisicion de tu propia nube es por cuestiones de seguridad y para evitar el cierre de aquellas empresas que suministran sus espacios, que evidentemente cierta información no deben de tener en sus servidores por considerarse confidenciales y criticas. Por este motivo quien compra un dispositivo de este tipo es para evitar lo expuesto y evitar lo que esta WD realizando con su actitud incomprensible.
Por tanto exijo una solución urgente e inmediata. Una solución que no implique ningún mal mayor a nuestros sistemas, ordenadores, dispositivos e incluso redes implicadas en la explotación autorizada por los propietarios de dichos dispositivos adquiridos en esta empresa WD.


Boa tarde Tiago,

estou na mesma situação, também não me lembro se tenho ativado por acesso local, e não sei a mina palavra pass de ativação…

assim que souberes de alguma solução, p.f. coloca aqui.



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Yes you are right but not all customers buying “Cheap NAS devices” are IT experts , so they normally trust vendors especially with Cloud based services. It is really true to any “consumer” shall have at least 3 storage devices for regular backups. But what is not normal , it the lack of communication from WD with regular updates on the service restoration. It shall be provided at least every 2 hours.

It is clear WD is not delivering world class support services.This should be considered for next purchase of storage devices. 3 days without detailed recovery plan and estimated time for service availability just highlight their lack of respect for consumers (I am not saying Customers because they may have a different support service for business customers)