My cloud home restart itself!

Today oddly enough, my device started restarting itself every 15 seconds in an endless loop, the indicator appears intermittent waiting for connection and then suddenly it restarts itself, and I did not know the reason, and I cannot access it through the computer, so I disconnected the power from it for fear of my data, who knows the reasons?
Note: I bought the device about 10 months ago


You could refer to the following link:

my problem is not about LED Blinking Behavior… the problem is that device restart itself every 15 seconds… First when I connect the power the LED Blinking start, and after about 14 seconds the LED Blinking stops and then the device restart itself … Thus the loop continues indefinitely.
I have important data and I do not want to lose it

Hi, I have the same problem.
Have you found a solution to this problem?