My cloud home reboot takes hours

Hey gurus I just bought this device and so far my experience was good. Today we had a power down on our home and what I did is to unplugged my device before the power returned. When everything was back to normal my device started blinking and after several minutes I was not able to access it, then i tried to force an additional reboot using the reset button and the result was the same: no access and the front light is blue blinking slow. Does it is normal? Is there any additional step that I should consider?

I will appreciate your help with this.

@Fabian.mentur What device do you own? A My Cloud Home does not have a blue light.


MY CLOUD HOME 4TB. You are right, it was an autocorrect mistake. Can you help?

@Fabian.mentur Did you look at the User Manual? The link I provided is for the User Manual, My Cloud Home.

Yes already did it, and also tryed some of the recommendation founded there and in the KB… same status. I’m been attended by a support analyst crossing finger they can help.