My cloud home questions need help please

  1. Connect a physical USB device to My Cloud Home, the WD Discovery can not find the device and copy files, this only can be done by Mobile Apps, is there a way to select “Move” or “Copy” for this case?

  2. Automatic syncup/save mobile device’s pictures to My Cloud Home, is there anyway to configure a automatic delete/remove the saved files? (Every time I have no idea of how many files/pictures of my mobile phone has been saved into my cloud home, so that I can remove the pictures on my mobile to save space).

  3. How to manage multi-users’ files, accounts?

  4. What is the share folder? how to manage it?

  5. Is there any apps the support my TV/Android based OS to access the media files on my Cloud Home?

  6. Is there a way to execute some background process on MyCloudHome to download Videos etc. in background?



  1. The USB Drive mounted to the My Cloud Home can only be seen by the mobile app.
    Copy from USB to My Cloud Home is supported at this time

  2. Automatic delete of content after mobile app auto backup is not supported

  3. Users can only be added or remove from My Cloud Home.
    My Cloud allows user and share management

  4. What “Share Folder” ??

  5. My Cloud Home supports Plex

  6. No