My Cloud Home - Public Sector - Setup 2. Computer?

I bought my My Cloud Home ca. 1 year ago.
I use the private sector. For my Sonos Client I needed separatly the public sector to use the music.
Now I have a second computer. The setup vor the private sector was not a problem. But how can I setup my second Computer for the public sector with the music?
Any advice?

Hi otmar,

You can install the WD Discovery from the link given below and install it on your computer.

Once you login to the WD Discovery for your My Cloud Home device, you can see the Public User Space of the device on your computer.

How Shared Folder Can be Seen in Desktop App?

Hi James,
I have already installed WD Discovery on both computer. I already logged in to
On the first computer I can see to drives:

\OB-yoga\My Cloud_eb40c163b829fa0ae…
\MYCLOUD-ZX8REE\Public (For Music)

The second one which should be public I still cannot connect to my second computer!?