My cloud Home offline

Since this morning I have no Access to my cloud home. Led blinks slowly and sometimes it rebooten itself.


You could refer to the following link:

It does not work. I spent almost 1:30 with a WD staff and nothing worked. Also now I noticed that the hard drive name of my MacBook Has been changed.

A real disaster

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I am using a MacBook Pro with Catalina. My cloud home is still not online and according to what I see in the WD community I am not the only one.
Nothing pouts it back on line which is a nightmare. Also as couple of users noticed, my hard drive name in my MacBook has been changed without me doing anything. It is very scary.

I would like an answer quickly on what is going on and how WD is solving this issue lots of users are having.

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sorry… wrong post :crazy_face: :innocent:

Ola Laurent27

Meu cloud home também está offline, mas com luz branca continua. Como conseguiu falar com o suporte para eles analisarem a situação?