My cloud home offline

Connected my cloud home 4tb on Friday with no issues. Proceeded to transfer all photos from my phone (close to 8000) across using the phone app. Everything transferred fine and I could see everything through the app as well as on my laptop. So delete everything off my phone. Come Sunday my cloud shows up as offline on both my phone and on laptop. Have rebooted the my cloud home, have rebooted the router with no result, numerous times. When the my cloud home is plugged in the front LED light stays illuminated with no flashing or anything. The back led lights where the Ethernet cabel attaches were originally both on but now only the top one comes on. The bottom doesn’t at all. Our internet connection is working perfectly fine with both phones and laptops connecting to the internet with no issues. At this stage I am both angry and devastated at the possibility I have lost so many photos that I have backed up nowhere else. This is the reason I bought this device. @WD_Admin2 can you please offer a solution. I do not want to have to pay to have someone try and recover the files I have moved across onto the my cloud home before having to do a system reset because from what I can see, this appears to be the only solution. I’ve paid close to $300 for your product already I shouldn’t have to pay anything further for what appears to be a fairly common issue with this product. I look forward to your response.

See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist and where there may be other discussions similar to your issue.

This subforum (My Cloud) is for a different device which has different features and options.

Oh I didn’t realise. Thanks :blush: