My Cloud home not visible in router

Hi, I’m trying to access my cloud home and is not accesible, i have tried all the resets and network checks but still nothing. The front led is in slow breath so i enter my router (docsis 3.1 fast 3890) and there i discover that the device is no listed in the ethernet ports, can i force a connection or anything to access the data? or it is possible to disassemble the unit to connect the hdd via usb as an external drive?

@necro04 Have you visited the Learning Center and looked at the information available and the User Manual?

Is there any visible activity with the lights on the network ports?
There’s also the chance of a cable deciding to go on strike, or a port on the router so it might be worth plugging into a different one and/or with a different cable?
Sorry if those seem obvious, not everyone has the same idea of ‘all the checks’ as everyone else!

Otherwise I understand you can take off the lid and remove the disk and use a SATA/USB connector but you’ll need something that can understand the disk format, details in the ‘EntWare’ thread.

Hi! The leds were in slow breath, i have change the cable, the ports in the router, i have been exhaustive in the tests. I found several EntWare Threads but i dont understand completely if i have to install an ubuntu or similar in my virtual machine or if i have to try entware (i don´t know so much of terminal and other stuff to work with the line code)