My cloud home not visible in router settings

Hello. My device has been offline for more than two weeks now. I cannot even see the device in the router settings. I am using ASUS rt n 12 router. I can see other devices connected by wire or wirelessly. What should my router settings be? My DHCP is enabled. I do not know the ip adress of my device yet, only mac adress (if I should reserve the ip adress?)
Other cables or ports act the same. I do have an active connection (using it now on my pc).
When i look at the back of the cloud home device, i see only 1 LED light (the top one). I only get two lights if I plug it in directly to the ethernet wall socket (instead of router WAN). I have also tried to factory reset the my cloud home, but never found the device using I also bought a new router and factory reset him already.

I have been in touch with the official support, who told me to send the device back and they will send me a new one. This is the last thing I would like to do. I would rather get my money back and buy a proper NAS. I would lose all my data again if the device went offline again sometime, as I read is very common…

goes offline and never comes back online!!