My cloud home not seen in network


Hi There,

I do have a really quick question. I cannot see my cloud harddrive in network section. (picture attached).

Reason I want there :

I am using my cloud personal storage in my office and I know inside the drive there is a folder called “Family” which is shared with every username but what I wanted to do is I wanted to create a folder and want to Map a drive from the folder so that I can share only that network drive with specific person. I don’t know if its possible here but it seems possible by giving a good address of network.

So my first preference would be getting the harddrive in network which I am not getting.

P.S but I have got my harddrive as mapped drive already its just I am not seeing that in network.



If you are using Windows 10 one cause for the My Cloud not appearing under Network is due to Microsoft disabling SMB1.0/CIFS in recent Windows 10 updates. The following WD Knowledgebase article details how to re-enable SMB1.0/CIFS support. Note: Microsoft disabled SMB1.0/CIFS support due to various security vulnerabilities present in that protocol. This Microsoft Blog post has more information on why it was disabled.