My Cloud Home not recognising Mac OS Extended USB since firmware update

Hi there, I’ve always backed up (from a MAC) to a Maxtor portable USB (Mac OS Extended), then plugged that USB drive into the back of the My Cloud, and created a Backup job.

Hasn’t worked in the last few days and I noticed a) that a Firmware update had been applied and b) I have a notification stating “Unsupported Filesystem”

Any ideas if I can go forward ? Or should I try and roll back my firmware?



The My Cloud Home and My Cloud devices are not the same. If you have a My Cloud Home see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home.

When it comes to USB drives, ensure they are in a format supported by the host device. In the case of the My Cloud Home the following WD Knowledgebase article lists the supported formats.

If one has the My Cloud the following Knowledgebase article details the supported USB file formats that are supported.