My cloud home never staying signed in!

My my cloud home 4tb… the desktop app keeps signing me out for no reason after reboot… when i sign back in it fails so i have to keep reinstalling it… when i do install it it hangs at 18% most the time!

My android app stays logged in all the time!

I paied alot for something i cant even use!!!

Its not my desktop… its a bug as its done the same on other computers iv owned and iv only just reinstalled windows 2 days ago!

Windows 10
16gb ram
8gb gpu
6 core amd
Fast Internet speeds!

PS… sorry if posted in the wrong place… it seems like the phone website wont let me find it… all the wrighting is off the screen :man_facepalming:t2:



Please refer to the following KB article: WD Discovery Solutions and Troubleshooting Online User Guide