My Cloud Home Network Folder Access - How do you add more Shared Folders

Out of the box MyCloud had 4 folders one being Public.  I added a many document folders one below the Public folder along side the “Shared Music, Shared Video and Shared Photo”.  When I look at that over my home network from another computer I can only seed the folders titled “Shared” except they only say “Video, Music and Photo”  “Shared” is dropped.  Anyway I want to make more folders that can be accessed by the home network w/o having to use the my cloud remote log-in tool.

I can not figure out which settings to change to get the new folders to act like the out of the box Music, Video and Photo.

How do you do that?

Add shares(new folders)  from MyCloud dashboard:

and map these shares (folders) in your OS as mapped locations or network drives (pic from the last case):

map network.PNG

After a few folder map and network map…: