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I am really disappointed with My Cloud Home. It is totally useless if you have crappy internet connection, I tried to copy like 300 GB and it says ONE WEEK to upload! Can you believe? You cannot even access the this drive directly without internet!

However, APPs like ‘WD Drive Utilities’, ‘WD Security’ and so on, are not available for My Cloud Home?! What?! So, we do not need security for WD Home products line? Don’t we? On the WD’s market place for the APPs there is nothing for My Cloud Home products line.
These storage devices are not cheap at all, we can not waste our money.

Nevertheless, 2nd Auth like Google Auth and SMS Auth are not available on your portal and we can use so sh*** passwords like 123abs and portal would accept that.

Have you got security sector in your company?

It’s hard to say, but at this stage it’s even better to buy Dropbox or something similar and to pay monthly instead WD’s Cloud Home line!

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Totally forgot,

there is not https on the site itself…

Many like to see this :wink:


I completely agree with you but the problem is nobody seem to actually care.

It seems like waste of money with big regret.


True story…

Will be late when we see data breach from WD…

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When someone is going to take an action?

Seriously? I am tired of waiting!!

Do something to enable Multi-factor authentication ( when it does not already exist solution to use this drive completely offline.

You want me to keep device online without this security and to let others access my data?!

Come on!! Come on!! Wake up!!


nobody care


No one is acting in any way… such company


same here.
maybe we the consumers should bad mouth them on the social medias maybe then they will recognize.

just to be eared and get the help we deserve