My Cloud Home mobile app no login possible

I am no longer able to access my My Cloud Home via mobile app. After starting it shows the regular “Hello …” but then switches to a login screen. After choosing to log in it shows an error which is monitored. Anybody else experiencing this so far?

It’s really annoying at the moment. No Time Machine backups anymore, no mobile access, … :exploding_head:

Have you checked the Status of the My Cloud Home?
It could be weather related!

Yes, up and running.

Connection via browser works fine same for WD Connect app on the Mac.

Oh come on. Now it’s the new version of WD Discovery that cannot connect as well. :exploding_head:

To summarize: No TM backups anymore, no access via mobile app, no access via Mac desktop.

What is going on?

Ok, mobile app finally let me log in. Now there are just the new WD Discovery and the initial TM problem left. :rage:

Don’t know why mobile didn’t work in the first place.