My Cloud Home Migrating

the My Cloud Home I have has been “migrating” for three days now. I have reset the drive and click the reset button by getting a paperclip and pushing that small button. nothing is change the drives status from “Migrating”. after it is done rebooting it just returns to “Migrating”.

the Message says " content migrating. your content is being migrated and the device will return to normal operation in a few minutes" its been 3 days now.


You will probably have better luck asking in the dedicated My Cloud Home subforum. This subforum (My Cloud) tends to discuss the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is a different device (with different features/options) than the My Cloud Home line.

thank you!

HELP…mine says migrating for a few hours now…and I need the files. It tells me I have 1.92 TB and 80% available…but my finder says 0 files.

Me too. Let’s hope there is a prompt solution

I have the same problem, My cloud home has been “migrating content” for more two weeks. I am very frustrated with that disk and I would like a official answer

We face the same problem. @WD_Admin: Are you already working on this issue?

And the same here. Device went straight into migration mode upon startup and has been working now for two full days without any indication of progress. How much longer will this take? What’s the problem in the first place?

I wanted to update this tread. late last night, my drive came back online.

it went through a couple days of reseting itself and going offline for a couple hours but it is now working. there were a couple times where I was about to call support but it seems procrastination wins again :smile:

hopefully this is the last time this happens…

I will update the thread if I have any other issues with this.

mine did the same thing. when I tried to pull up files, it would says there is nothing. But, when I open the discovery app on my laptop, it would say I have 2.3 TB used…

it was super frustrating. hopefully there is light at the end of your tunnel :slight_smile: