My Cloud Home lost disk space via interrupted copy job

As I’m not able to create a new topic under the My Cloud Home subforum I had to create a topic on my problem in here.

My issuse is that I have lost about 300 GB of space because of an interruption while copying some files into my device. The interruption is caused due to power loss (electricity gone) during the copy progress. Whatever I did I just couldn’t reclaim the lost space.

Anybody had the same issue before? Any experiences on how I can fix this?
Thank you in advance for any type of help that will be offered.

Since this is the sub-forum for the WD MY CLOUD WDMyCloudImage , unless someone here owns a My Cloud Home too or someone who owns a My Cloud Home looks here I doubt if you will get your answer here.

What was the problem with creating a topic in the My Cloud Home sub-forum?


Thank you for the reply.

There is no new topic button in the My Cloud Home subforum and it seems this is a general issue as I have seen other posts recommending to open a topic here.

Update: Now there is a new topic button in the subforum. I will repost a topic there.