MY CLOUD HOME IS NOT ACCESSIBLE since installing another WD 4TB Drive

I have just purchased another WD Drive 4TB Elements Desktop Ext drive

All connected and powered up I ran the Windows installation, having done so and the new drive is accessible and ready to use, I have lost access to my MY CLOUD HOME Network Drive.

I can sign in using the network drive log in, it comes to a page that is ticked as the account part is correct, it then wants me to click to go back, RETURN to WD Discovery to continue the set up, it won’t return either.

So the new 4TB drive is accessible with a Drive letter, but the network drive cannot be accessed as a drive? It has disappeared, also the My Cloud Home icon has gone?

Can anyone help me please?

Hi @PJ-Cloud,

Please refer to the article My Cloud Home Not Detected, Not Found, Cannot Connect or Device Offline:

If your My Cloud Home device is not detected by your computer at all, kindly follow the instructions provided in this next article in order to try and resolve your issue.

Please refer to the article My Cloud Home Not Detected or Not Found by Windows or macOS Computer: