My Cloud Home is Migrating for 4 days now

  • update - mine is back online

i guess it depends on the size of used up storage and network speed.

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Totally Agree~
That’s why we spend different time…(I’m still waiting…)

but I really don’t understand that migrating to where?
what are you doing WD? Stolen my data?

same problem, it s been 4 days now , i cant access my files, any solution ?

suddenly it stopped and i got acces arround 1hr ago. And no Data is lost.

How much TB or GB files in it and how long you took?

This is truly UNACCEPTABLE!! Why in the first place in WESTERN DIGITAL migrating my data? I have not given consent for any migration! My data is stored on a private external HD acting as an cloud server for my private network ONLY! Where are they migrating my data and why were we not informed! Also how long should we expect this to take as I need to access my server!

My drive is doing exactly the same and has been for quite some time (10+ hours). Unfortunately, I to unplugged the device when seeing the light flashing as I had not seen the notification.

I hope everything rectifies itself as I have a lot of important information stored on the drive.

Can someone from WD please give us some form of official statement.

I’ve logged a support case with WD, I suggest everyone else do the same so that they know there is a problem.

I have done the same. Lets see how this transpires.

There is a fair bit of information I need to access on my drive now, which is a real issue if this takes days to resolve.

Here also same problem… Case reported respectively. This is really unacceptable but ok let’s see how it will go.

Mine started today. Been doing that sound for days but today I couldn’t access my data. I have clients waiting and I don’t know what to do. Will WD respond for this? If they had warned me, I would have moved the projects I’m working on!! Bad service WD!!! I will have to refund my clients for the inconvenience!
Can you tell me how to open a ticket? Been trying to contact somebody directly but it’s useless. Support is really bad, I don’t think a forum with questions and having users helping each other is a high quality customer service.
So mad right now. Thank you all, people!! Reading your comments helped a little at least.

My ‘My Cloud Home’ 8Tb drive has been rumbling on for a while (days) now with the ‘migration’ message. It’s also 100% full so I’ve been trying to prune what it should store by dedicating my older (and smaller) ‘My Cloud’ and ‘My Book Live’ to storing most recent photos. My first gripe is that whilst the older drives work together wellish using Smartware the newest system doesn’t play that way. My second gripe is that I currently don’t have ‘normal’ stuff being backed up and thirdly, can’t see how to tell the ‘Home’ system that I no longer need it to keep the back ups of the photos. Anyone know what it might actually be doing? Is it trying to move/shuffle files around but as there is no space it can’t do that in finite time?

Same Problem for me in France !!!
Thank you WD for this digital hostage.
When you’re running updates, you have to notify your users, some of whom are professionals—
It’s impossible for me to access my data, because I made a fool of myself at clients’ offices this morning, which is very damaging and unacceptable. This blockage is intolerable.

From what I’ve been reading for the past few hours, this is not a problem of available space, because my disk is 80% empty for a 2To capacity…

Same thing WD MyCloud Home - 2TB of which 1.7TB are free. Been migrating for over a day now. One thing WD really know how to achieve is to loose customers - I would never recommend them to anyone!

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9 HOURS :rage::rage::rage:

I’m having a similar problem, only except since there was no warning from any of my MyCloud devices (computer, smart phone app, etc.) of this migration, I assumed the connectivity issue was a normal one and reset the power for the hard drive.

It was only trying to log in to My Cloud through my web browser that I was given the “Content is migrating…” message. After speaking to customer support on the phone (who also had no real answers or solutions besides “You may have to wait up to 5 days…”), I suppose I’ll just wait and see if I’ve screwed the pooch on the whole drive or not when it’s finished migrating.

This is completely unacceptable, and after this experience I’ll be purchasing a different drive and seeing what can be salvaged. Dead drives happen periodically, etc but this is a firmware screw-up on WD’s part and I won’t be spending money on their junk anymore. Every device I own - my multiple computers, my phone, my camera… anything - warns me ahead of time that an update is coming so that I must stay plugged in, connected to WiFi etc. Western Digital, shame on you.

After 11H of interruption without warning, myCloud is working again…
But for how long?

I assumed the connectivity issue was a normal one and reset the power for the hard drive.

Exactly - Firmware updates always say “do not power off the device” but in this case there was no indication that this was occurring so I powered mine off as well. Luckily I have a backup of most of the data on the drive but I still stand to lose some.

I can confirm I did power down my device as I did not see any warnings initially. After a rather frustrating work day of not being able to access important information, thankfully my drive has suddenly sprung back into life. All my data seems ok. More luck than judgement. WD really should of done better with this!