My Cloud Home is Migrating for 4 days now

the My Cloud Home I have has been “migrating” for 4 days now. I have reset the drive and click the reset button by getting a paperclip and pushing that small button. nothing is change the drives status from “Migrating”. after it is done rebooting it just returns to “Migrating”.

the Message says " content migrating. your content is being migrated and the device will return to normal operation in a few minutes" its been 4 days now.



@laxwow18 please contact support and provide the MCH debug logs

How to Collect My Cloud Home Debug Logs

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Have you already looked at this? Be sure to read both articles on Migrating and content that is in red.

thank you for your input.

as of now it is still migrating. I think its day 6.

I am calling support tomorrow morning. :frowning:

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Mine just started migrating however before I knew of the warning about resetting and turning off I did that. Am I screwed now or should I just continue to let it migrate?

Guess i’m not alone in this issue.

Worst was when i called the support line, they request for me to do a reset.

now in a dilemma to reset or not to reset.

require those data in the drive!!

I have the same probleme since yesterday everning around ten o clock. The hard drives are sounding very spooky…its a rythm like a dieselmotor in idle.

I think, there was an Update for the firmware and something was wrong with it. So in the end we can wait only…

Mine just started 1hr ago by itself.
Reading this post about people having 4 days and 6 days of migration. That is ridiculous. and worst part is there was no warning or confirmation at all. It just started by itself.
I mean seriously, does this mean I lose access to my data for days?
I have an 8t duo version set on JBOD. It has about 5tb of data.

Update, it finished doing whatever it was doing in about 1 hour ,and now it is back to normal. I guess you guys having days of migration much have something wrong with your unit.

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hi, anybody know why it start migrating? my device is starting to migrating and cannot be accessed? anybody have any solution? or we need to wait until it finished?

I think there was an update, what is gone wrong…sorry, my english is a little bit rusty.

I think that we have to wait until it is finished. Tommorow at 3 I woke up frome the noise of the hdd an I saw the LED blinking…what did I do??? Turn it off an on again…I hope that wasn´t a misstake.

On my Cloud are my digital negatives from Photo-Tours round about the last 4 Years…A Data-loss would be…


is your WD cloud display content migrating?

The LED is blinking and from the mycloud app for android I get:“Data is migrating, please wait!”

how long has it been? i got the same problem too

since today in the morning at 3 o clock…

I don´t think that thats a big problem. But without any warning I had no acces to my server…so i thout it was eventually broken, because it was very hot in the last vew days and i thougt it was a heat damage.

and the hdd´s are sounding very funny…its a never ending…rr rr rr rr rr rr rr :))

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This is really bad WD - lots of people, me included, have lost access to their data with no warning. I have all my Movies, TV and photos on the drive.
I also get ‘This drive may be corrupted’ when I try to access it from Windows.
Very poor, in this day and age. I won’t be buying any more WD kit.
I also powered it on and off before reading the support note, this should be on the web page where it says “Content is migrating”. I hope I haven’t lost anything.

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is there any WD admin or technician here that can help us? or give us any solution…my drive already migrating for 5 hour