My cloud home internal transfer unbearably slow

I cant find anything relating to this for the mycloud home. All i seem to find is topics for the mycloud.

I am trying to move files internally on the drive. It is terribly slow using Windows file explorer and and it doesn’t change whether im on local, direct, proxy etc

I get the same speeds as above regardless of connection and the web based page is terrible to use!

Even uploading stuff is 30mb max…can any1 help? Im so close to spending a day downloading all my data and throwing this in the bin…

I should also add…deleting files takes just as long…


Yes, unfortunately i dont yave that kinda cash, its ok transferring from usb to it, but actually doing anything else is the worst thing I’ve ever bought

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With a little planning, you can store small files into zip containers on the My Cloud Home and copy or move the zip files at up to 76 MBps, about 100x faster than copying and storing small files. The zip containers can also be mounted and files within browsed using many free zip-mounting file systems.

Got a new pb. I cant zip them on file explorer as it crashes…and then trying to select all my photos for download is impossible as Chrome crashes after scrolling to the 3k mark… that 700kb is the pb…it goes back to 0 for a while, then spikes to 700kb…this nas is a peice of ■■■■ and i want my money back. Wonder if i can pull the hdd out of it and put it in a synology one

I am not going to defend the architecture of the My Cloud Home and some of the software decisions, but the hardware itself is solid (better than the DS120j) for the most part and if you know the limitations, it is a good personal storage unit. If you could return it, by all means return it and try something else. If you know how to manage your files, you will get 4 times faster transfer speed with small files from the MCH than using the SynologyDS; I know because I have both of them on my network. The weakness of the file system on the MCH is that it is slow copying, deleting or compressing thousands of small files such as JPGs on the MCH with file explorer. You can overcome this weakness with the specific software as detailed above.

After fighting with a pair of My Cloud units for a couple of years, I decided to give the My Cloud Home a shot. With mixed results. After a year of so of using the new product, I have FINALLY found a way to make it work reliably – but it certainly wasn’t easy.
I have about 400 gigs to back up for safe keeping, usually just a couple times a year. No method available with this drive is reliable or even feasible. I’ve tried using the browser (seems like a dumb way to do this when my laptop is only 15 feet away from the My Cloud Home unit), and the phone app is not suitable for this either. I even tried going directly into the ethernet port on my second laptop – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And when it does, it is excruciatingly slow. WD Discovery is the worst – it will start out ok, then slow to a crawl after around 15 minutes. Eventually, it will get stuck on something and crash. If you attempt to start over, it won’t pick up where it left off, but starts all over from scratch.
After spending three days and evenings fooling with this, I stumbled onto a work-around that seems to work: Transfer all of the data you want to backup for safe keeping onto a portable usb drive. The one I have is 2tb, and it will take 400 g of data from the laptop in about 90 minutes. Then, plug the usb drive into the usb port on the rear of the My Cloud Home. If the mobile app is installed on your phone, it will send you a message saying the usb drive is plugged in. Open the app, and follow the bouncing ball to transfer files from the usb drive to the Cloud Home drive. This way, it’s a direct connection, and doesn’t involve the router, your network or the internet. It took my system around 5 hours to transfer 427g of data, which is way faster than any of the other methods (when they even worked.) The data I back up routinely every week or so is a much, much smaller amount, and I can use the browser to do that.
Hopefully this information will help others, and save them the many hours I spent trying to get this VERY disappointing piece of equipment to perform the function(s) is was supposedly designed to do.
I really hope this is of some help to you all.

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Yes, a USB 3.0 drive is a good alternative if one is available but you have to consider the amount of time it takes to copy the files to the USB drive in the first place. But it never hurts to have an extra copy of data on a backup USB drive. The MCH USB 3.0 is capable of 130 MB/s speed but could only be controlled from the Web or mobile app.

Yeah, a usb drive is how i get mine on there too…but its once they are on there is the issue…even trying to move what folder they are in is an effort…im trying to delete 32gb atm…its been going for 12 hours…its a task to use the web browser as it only loads 100 photos at a time…by the time i get 3k to load, the web browser crashes.

Terrible peice of kit, which i will not buy another of

Sometimes when you don’t know the capability of a device and started doing something that ended up taking too long, the easiest path may be to save what you can in a backup such as a USB drive if one is available, then reset the device and then restore all data using the USB. Here is the procedure for resetting the My Cloud Home.

Well, when you pay money to get a storage device it should have some obvious capabilities. Slow data transfer rate is not the issue here, it gets stuck at each file. Probably something like looking at all the other files in the folder when deleting one file in that folder or something? If only I could get my money back…

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