My Cloud Home - How to create a shared folder as I used to do in my previous device MY BOOK LIVE

Dears , I just got a new my cloud home device … in a purpose to make it as a network drive in my office
I ask for How I can create shared folders ( with specefic users ) like the ready one " Public folder " … is it a dashboard in my cloud home to create theses Shared folders ? …
thanks in advance for your help

@magedtakla The following link should answer your question.

Have you visited the Learning Center ?

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@cat0w thank you Dear but I want to create a shared folder like the attached one to share over my local network only

Good luck in doing what you are trying because the My Cloud Home does not have a Dashboard. Use the following link for more information.

Did you visit the Learning Center and read the information provided for My Cloud Home? You can also search the Knowledge Base for information about the My Cloud Home.

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@cat0w Thank you very much