My Cloud Home Files Recovery. Linux mount: file names as Objetc ID

My Cloud Home (4TB) device stopped working. It simply bricked with permanent white led, not responding to reset button or anything. This happened right before the las software update at the end of March.

Anyway, as I’m a Linux user, and I badly wanted to recover all my files (almost 2 TB of data), I’ve decided to remove the Hard Disk from the case and plug it into my linux computer via SATA port. Then I mounted the 3.9 TB Ext4 partition (the one with the files), and I’ve found a really dissapointing surprise here:

all my files are all mixed up and with no original name or extension, but named with a unique object ID (as it goes in an object oriented system, I know this cause I work with this kind of systems)

the files are located (in alphabetic order, inside subfolders) in the following directory:
/restsdk/data/files/subfolder name from 0-9 and from A-Z

Is there any chance of recover the original names, extensions and directories of all my files??
I cant do anything with my files like this. There must be a way to map this Object ID vision to a standard (windows-like) file explorer vision, as in the My CLoud Home web client or desktop/cellphone app.

Please, I dont care about My CLoud Home. I only want my files back, and I know your WD Engeneers must have a software that can help me with the mapping of this Object ID names to its originals, maybe using extra database files, which I can also provide, as there are located in this partition as well.

Please help me get my files back!!

(sorry for my bad english grammar)


I just met the similar situation, after a wide research, I found a sw which can perfectly rebuild the filesystem, but it’s quite expensive. Let me know if you are interested

Of course I’m interested. I’ve just sent you an email.

Did you check this topic?

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I did an Ive succed! Thanks!

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Could you help with this and explain how it’s done.

I’m a Mac user but do have an old Mac somewhere that I could boot into Linux probably.

Other than that I’m stumped as to what to do next.