My Cloud home duo unavailable after SW update

Server is unavailable after latest Windows application update, Windows 10 v1803, smb1 activated and visible via network, but not via WD Discovery application.

Any suggestions?

Did you try this:

SMB1 activation not help at all, device is visible in Network but not in Discovery application.
Folders on device are not accesable via network folder…
Windows updated up to 1903, but the problem is still in place.

Are you logged in on Discovery?
What happens on Can you get into your device? (This is not working as other NAS).

After PC restart i can see for few seconds log on icon in Discovery and after it disappears.
If catch and log-on, nothing happens, device is not showed in Discovery.
If activate SMB1 protocol, i can see device in network folder and see “public” folder on device, but it is empty.
On other PC device is working properly without SMB1 activation and all is Ok. It is also accessible via mobile App.
When log on to mycloud com from this PC there are stated that device is already configured.