My Cloud Home Duo Timemachine Backup security question

I recently have a WD MyCloud Home duo and I wanted to use it in place of iCloud.
Having understood that it is not possible with the photo library, I thought that at least it would be useful with Time Machine. I was wrong and I explain the reasons:

  1. Time Machine cannot encode files on my cloud
  2. The only folder available for backup is a public folder, anyone can see the backup (because it is not only not encrypted) but just log in to the mycloud server without a password (GUEST ACCESS).
    Understand that I really don’t want others to see my files without any security and control.
    Anyone explain to me how to solve?
    Because for example windows 10 can use both the public folder and the MyCloud volume that mounts the app at startup with the File History backup function.
    If it cannot be resolved, I give it back and buy a different gas :expressionless:
    Thank you.


You could refer to the following link: