My Cloud Home Duo/macOS 10.14.6: Time Machine stops backing up

Hi all,

yesterday I have configured MyCloudHomeDuo (MCH) for the first time. Over night it was updated automatically with firmware/software 6.6.1-123.

My only usecase is, to replace my outdated TimeCapsule-device and to have it for TimeMachine-backups ( TM ) running on macOS 10.14.6.

Current situation:
I was able to select the MCH-network drive as Time Machine backup disk and the first backup was manually initiated.
TM-backup started, but then stopped after copying 20% of the total.

Current issue:
Now, TM starts every hour with “preparing backup”, but then stopping after approx. 10 minutes, without copying any files.

I have already disabled any endpoint protection (e.g. Bitdefender, macOS Firewall), UPnP is enabled on the router (UniFi USG).

Do you have any hints what I can check next? Are there any e.g. port forwarding rules required?



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