My Cloud Home Duo - Doesn't work after hard reset

Hi all,

I’m trying to hard-reset my device without success.

I push the “reset hole” for like 40-60 secs. The device shut-down and the light start to blink. I keep the “reset hole” pushed and nothing happens. I let the device all the weekend blinking. and then shut-down the device and restart.

I do it like 7 times in different ways but it doesn’t work. I then login to the device (it still exist) to do the hard reset from the internet interface hello. But I’m unable to do the hard-reset from there (It seems that I’m not anymore the admin of the device).

I was trying to recover the device from but always connect to the ancien interface.

So I want to know if there’s a way to know who is the admin from the device in some way to reset the device from the interface or also know better how it works the hard-reset. Because it seems it doesn’t work on my device.

Thanks in advance.
David Garcia

How to System Erase a My Cloud Home to Factory Settings

I do already what is stated in that document without sucess. For example when you push the reset button the document says: "

  1. Press and hold the Reset Button for 60 seconds or until the units LED starts blinking and the device powers off"

In reality what happens in my case is that the device power off, restart and then the LED starts blinking. I don’t know then if I continue to press the button after power-off, after blinking, is a mess.

Then, I try to connect to the device, and I saw that I’m not the admin from the device, so I go to but I’m unable to “take” the device. So if I’m not the admin of the device someone is and I want to know who is the “user-admin” so I could maybe reset the device from their interface.

You will need to contact support my friend.

I already contact the support and they didn’t answer :slight_smile: thats why I ask other user’s advices hoping that some smart people have the answer of my problem.

Or previous users’ with the same problem can give me advice.