My cloud home duo does not boot up after changing to jbod setting


Today i got my cloud home 16tb device. The device was run smoothly. Then I changed the raid setting to jbod setting because I needed 16 tb of space, the mirror wouldn’t work for me.

After about 30 minutes there was a power outage due to the problem in the apartment. Then again it worked itself. But solid white led and never blinks at power on.

The device is currently on for 4 hours and the led is fixed in the same way.

Should I perform a factory reset of 60 seconds? Is it normal to last so long?

Thank you for your help but I made the necessary steps in the article. After pressing reset pin 60 seconds, nothing happens.

Solid White LED still, nothings changed.

did you read the entire solution in the article linked above?

I read it, but there’s no change in the device after held the reset button. I held it down for 2 minutes, the device didn’t turn itself off. Stuck at the white led.