My Cloud Home Duo 4TB Not Booting

Hey all, I bought this about a month ago and it installed easily and I started to use it as a NAS, TimeMachine backup for my Mac.

This morning I came down to an extremely loud fan noise and then it stopped (white LED on the front, but not a full LED… it’s like only half, just the front of the device). When I tried to access the TimeMachine or try to back it up, it said it wasn’t available. I then went online to see if I could access the drive and it said it was offline.

I tried to push the reset button and nothing happened. So I unplugged the power source, plugged it back in and the fan noise started again, no LED on the front. That lasted for about 30 minutes with no change. I tried to push the reset button again, power button, nothing. Just fan noise, so I unplugged it and am unsure what’s going on with it.



You could refer to the following link: