My Cloud Home does not finish indexing

I have not been able to access my files for 50 hours because my drive is in the process of updating its firmware. I consulted WD support and they replied that indexing can take up to 5 days. The problem is too long to not be able to access my files and I have no way of knowing if in these 50 hours that have passed, the update is being carried out correctly.
My Cloud Home is 6tb (duo), configured in full capacity mode (JBOD), with an occupancy of 85%.
Has anyone had the same?
Can you give me an idea of ​​how long this indexing can take?

Han pasado 5 días y my cluod home esta offline.
Soporte técnico me dijo que debía esperar 5 días para completar proceso de indexacion de archivos.
Mi problema persiste.
Necesito una solución.