MY Cloud Home | Disk lost after latest firmware update

Dear community, This night as for mail received by WD, my Cloud Home Device was updated and since then the device is lost. I have no possibilities to login to the device (both by pc and MAC OS tools, ad via WEB interface) and before I disconnect and reconnect seems that no files or folder were acessible.

Did anyone had the same issues?


Hi maxtiberi,

You can refer the link mentioned below to isolate the issue.

Maxtiberi- It’s typical for them to refer you to some old document. It’s not just you. My Cloud has gone crazy ever since this last update My folders stopped syncing, I had black boxes behind a lot of the folders, and then the file icons disappeared. My system started ramping up and was working really hard like I had numerous heavy processes running so I checked out the task manager only to find 3 instances of WD Discovery and 3 instances of wdsync running in the background eating up all my system memory. I have 32GB of system memory and this thing was working my system hard. I had to unsync the files and everything calmed down, This is completely unsatisfactory. I had to unplug and I am not using it right now. This thing really started eating into my system resources big time.

If you go through the correct process and make a change in the firmware of the software. You can easily upgrade the latest firmware of the router which may help you to use the router without any problem.

Netgear router login

What I notice is the following. After a firmware update the drive reboot and is unable to get the IP address , looks like is not renewed. The only fix I found is to unplug from power supply the drive for around 5 to 10 minutes, This force the drive to make a new io request to the router and came back on line.


Thanks for the info. I have since unplugged it and uninstalled all of the WD software. There was definitely something going on with this latest update that my PC did not like. It had my processor working over time for some reason and I have a pretty hefty rig. Since uninstalling everything is running normal again and there are no heavy memory or processor loads. Apparently this last update has some major issues. Not sure why they couldn’t just leave it alone. It worked perfect before. I might try and reinstall it later on but it means I’ll just have to resync a large amount of files as back when I first got it. Takes forever.