My Cloud Home Disconnects Every 15 Minutes


The system drops link every 15 minutes affecting all transfers at the moment.

Downtime is 3 seconds and I have to restart the file transfer as it fails.

This is not happening on wd my cloud devices.

Check attached images. Is there any known fix for this issue or I should return the unit?

Video watching Ethernet LEDS when this is happening:

It’s like the unit restarts the network for some reason.


To answer my own post…

The disconnections are from the WD system re-trying to map the random port via upnp. If upnp or firewall is blocking automatic port mapping then the device will restart ethernet adapter every ~15minutes.

Option to disable upnp - or manual mapping
Enable (S)FTP File Transfers

Dear all

from my Macbook pro OS 10.14.1 WD DISCOVERY 3.2.256 & MYCLOUD DESKTOP
I am in the same situation, we loose the connection systematically

do you have a way to solve this ? is it on the wifi router ? to look the upnp remaping?

I am using an orbi rbi 50 for the wifi

thanks a lot


Yes you need to enable upnp from your router.

Extremely bad design. This should be fixed asap.


Thanks a lot

So my router was upnp enable.
Connection lost after a delay
I switch to disable…
Connection lost also

May be for me it’s an other issue …

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