My Cloud Home Disconnects Every 15 Minutes

The system drops link every 15 minutes affecting all transfers at the moment.

Downtime is 3 seconds and I have to restart the file transfer as it fails.

This is not happening on wd my cloud devices.

Check attached images. Is there any known fix for this issue or I should return the unit?

Video watching Ethernet LEDS when this is happening:

It’s like the unit restarts the network for some reason.

To answer my own post…

The disconnections are from the WD system re-trying to map the random port via upnp. If upnp or firewall is blocking automatic port mapping then the device will restart ethernet adapter every ~15minutes.

Dear all

from my Macbook pro OS 10.14.1 WD DISCOVERY 3.2.256 & MYCLOUD DESKTOP
I am in the same situation, we loose the connection systematically

do you have a way to solve this ? is it on the wifi router ? to look the upnp remaping?

I am using an orbi rbi 50 for the wifi

thanks a lot

Yes you need to enable upnp from your router.

Extremely bad design. This should be fixed asap.

Thanks a lot

So my router was upnp enable.
Connection lost after a delay
I switch to disable…
Connection lost also

May be for me it’s an other issue …

I found same issue but my router is mikrotik & I not block upnp but mycloudhome still disconnect network every 15min.

Check your network router and ensure that it is allowing outgoing ICMP (Ping) packets and the issue should be resolved. IE: LAN side ping packets are not blocked and are allowed. Not incoming WAN side ping.

Yes. For a few days, WD Discovery keeps disconnecting whereas before it remained connected.

I’m running macOS 10.14.5, WD Discovery 3.2.263 and My Cloud Desktop

Frustrating, especially with Discovery not supporting Keychain access.



@AustinForest that would be a different issue I think. Noticed My Cloud Home Firmware updated recently but nothing is mentioned on the release notes page yet :frowning:

@socallinux Yes. Sorry. Read it too quickly. Will open a new thread.

MyCloudHome can’t ssh or another remote test but I test on near equipment like qnap or wdmycloud it can ping to outside network like, MyCloudHome still disconnect

Hi everyone,
This is a huge problem here aswell. It all started some some months ago. I basically can’t retrieve any files from the My Cloud Home because it keeps disconnecting. WD really has a bad support and I start to have really bad feelings about the company and the unit. I wish this could be fixed. Any help is welcome - I’m technically absolutely a noob so I will need help on this. Again, thanks for posting to everybody who has an idea how to fix this.