My Cloud Home - Continually offline

Hi there

I can no longer connect to My Cloud Home. I use it to store all my media files which I access via Plex.

I’ve powered cycled countless times, leaving the device unplugged for increasingly longer periods of time, rebooted my MacBook, closed down the WD software, signed out and back in again, but nothing works. My Cloud Home is permanently connected to my Wifi router via an ethernet cable. I’ve rebooted the router also.

When My Cloud Home is plugged back in, it goes straight to a solid white light. The only suggestions I can see to fix this is issue is to wipe the drive and restore it to factory settings which I really, really do not want to do!

Has anyone encountered this problem before and knows a solution?

Many thanks

it looks like the only option for that is the 60 second reset and if they does not work check the warranty status. I was able to find the knowledgebase article below.