My Cloud Home Beeps

Hi - I purchased a new 4TB My Cloud Home, got it up and running no problem.

I was able to easily sync files and begin a time machine back up of my HD.

This morning when I got up, the drive was beeping. The white light was solid white.

I unplugged it and plugged it back in.

The drive booted just fine. All my synced files where on the drive and accessible through the mobile app.

My time machine back up, however, did not complete. SO I restarted the process from scratch.

For some reason, the backup has started but progressed VERY SLOW (KBs/hr). About 15 mins after it started, the drive began beeping again. I did nothing and the beeping stopped after about 3 mins.

Right now the drive up functioning fine - synced files are accessible and syncing; time machine is backing up, albeit at an unacceptably slow rate; beeping has ceased.

As aways, WD offers the worst trouble shooting support (aka - NONE) of all tech companies.

What’s with the beeps? Is the failure of the first attempt at a time machine backup related to the beeps? Is the slow nature of the current attempt at a time machine back up related to the beeps??

@IPDude Please post a sound clip of the said “beeping”
My Cloud Home doesn’t have a speaker, so a beep, like a boot up sequence of a computer is not possible.

I will certainly try to record it if it starts beeping again.

But it does in fact beep. It beeped for about an hour this morning before we figured out where it was coming from. It beeped for about about 3 mins after power-down/power-up. And it beeped one long beep, followed by two short beeps at around 8pm tonight. These sounds come directly from the unit, and can’t be described as anything other than a very distinctive “beeeep.” It’s not a knocking sound or sustained head write sound. It’s a distinctive beep.

I was able to catch the sound – link here:


@IPDude thanks for the information. We will have WD Support reach out to you for RMA.

Hi @SBrown, Im also experiencing the same beeping sound. How can I reach a technician to help resolve this? My device is still under warranty.

I have saved the recording in the link below:

@miltondeleon support services can be found at


I have recently brought one if these and in three weeks its beeping aswell from the drive.
I have put in a servce request but havent heard anything


Hi, I have the same issue here, I have my cloud home since 5 days and have a lot of data, I need to replace the unit?

We have the same problem. What does it mean that it’s beeping?