My Cloud Home auto sync files new WD recommendations for Bacup software vs Smartware

Does anyone know if any of the recommended back/sync software that WD recommends: Sync Back; Good Sync for WD; Free File Sync; Acronics True Image; AoMEI backupper; or any others; will provide automatic syncing versions of files where the files are separate and independent with a time stamp on each like Smartware does? What I understand about Acronics is it is “parts of files that have changed from the original version” which is unaceptable. We would want the complete file Word, Excel, Power Point, PST Outlook file, with a time stamp on each version do any of these or other products work in this manner? We have been review documentation on these and they don’t really provide this information except Acronics which does not do this properly. Thanks, Wayne

Hi @waynepb,

Please refer to the article of My Cloud OS 5 3rd Party Apps Matrix: