My Cloud Home - all files are gone!?

I bought a My Cloud home 4TB server today.

Setup when fast and I was up and running Within minutes.

I needed storage to save photos from my phone and did choose to add albums and upload photos to those.

I have been using the IOS app only.

It wanted to make a backup of my phone but as I only had photos I wanted to save and as I did upload all photos to albums that I did categorize, I did pause the backup.

When all phots was uploaded and everything looked as it should, I did delete all photos from my phone.

Next step I did delete that paused backup folder as I didn’t want to have double copies of my files on the server.

The problem now is that as I deleted that backup, everything on the server got deleted. All my photos are gone!!

I really need to get those photos back. I have family photos, photos of my children etc that I don’t have any copies of.

What should I do? :frowning:

See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist. The My Cloud Home is a different device with different features and options than the My Cloud device.

I’ll move my post. :wink:

I managed to restore all photos from my iPhone. Or rather. I did calm down, looked over my options and remembered that I had a paid extra storage on iCloud.

And there I could restore photos up to 30 days after deleted.

Yet I am very keen on understanding what happend with the server. Did I something wrong or is it really that unstable?

I am not sure if I dare to store my files on it…